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Your Body Corporate complex would benefit from a personalised quotation for administrative services.  This approach will ensure the best possible outcome is achieved, both in the short term and particularly in the long term of the Body Corporate’s administration.  The benefits of undertaking a personalised quotation for administrative services will ensure the Body Corporate Committee continue to explore and maximise savings across all known areas of expenditure in everyday and future capital items.

Our role as Body Corporate Managers is to assist the Committee in administering all Secretarial and Treasurer roles on behalf of the Body Corporate.  Under the direction of the Committee, our office assists in the preparation and distribution of all agendas and minutes.  To ensure effective meetings are conducted, clear communication between our office and the Committee is held in the lead up to any meeting.  Draft minutes are circulated to the Secretary within 7 days of the meeting for the review and approval prior to distribution.  All action items are clearly identified upon the minutes and our office will assist facilitate all items within a timely manner.  

Australasian Body Corporate Management prides itself in financial management.  We assist the Treasurer throughout each financial year to ensure the financial expenditure falls in line with the approved annual budget.  Our office will provide a monthly status report exclusively available to the Committee detailing all payments drawn, payments received, bank account balance, bank statement, financial statement and roll changes.  Furthermore, our office will assist the Body Corporate Committee, particularly the Secretary in all communication to owners and residents when required and implement any legislative requirements under the Body Corporate Community Management Act 1997.  Given our experience in the creation of Body Corporate By-laws, our office can value add to your existing By-laws if or when needed to help uphold the integrity of the Body Corporate. 

The Committee may require a review of its operational services.  At Australasian Body Corporate Management our office can assist the Committee obtain alternate options from service providers to ensure the Body Corporate is maximising its position.  Operational services may include; security services, fire safety services, insurance services, electricity services, gas services, internet services, grounds & garden services, pool services, lift services, cleaning services, remedial repairs and ongoing general maintenance.  

Our office would confidently administer all communication to and from all service providers to ensure the Body Corporate and Committee receive the best possible outcomes.  Furthermore, between our office and our legal team we hold a 100% success rate in debt recovery relating to overdue levies including metered energy. 

Our office has seen many Body Corporate’s save 50% of their secretarial fees in the first 12 months after switching to Australasian Body Corporate Management.  Therefore, should your Committee wish to explore the benefits available, please feel free to contact our office to discuss this matter further.